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FarInfraredHeat & EMF Shielding Product

FarInfraredHeat & EMF Shielding Product

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By using Far Infrared Heat as opposed to traditional heating methods, the heat penetrates deeper into your body without the discomfort of traditional or pharmaceutical side-effects. 


"Medical practitioners make use of Infrared radiant heat to treat sprains, bursitis, peripheral vascular diseases, arthritis and muscle pain,” according to McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology.

  • TheraMats

    Shieldlife TheraMATs are therapeutical mattress toppers that provide deep healing heat (FIR), Eliminates up to 99% of harmful Electromagnetic Fields, and includes a soft, anti-microbial, water-resistant polyester top layer and an automatic shut-off mechanism to keep you and your family safe as you rest.


    The TheraMat is constructed with 5 layers of comfort and technology and is SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN TO:


    * Protects you from 5G

    * Eliminate 99% Electro Magnetic Frequency (EMF) and (EMI)

    * Alleviate Aches and Pains

    * Accelerate the Healing process of Damaged tissue

    * Detoxify Cells

    * Increase joint mobility

    * Strengthen your Immune System

    * Increase Energy and Mental Alertness

    * Help regulate Sleep and Mood.

    * Reduce stress.

    * Relax muscle tension & Spasms

    * Increase circulatory and meridian channels


    1 year warranty


    Calculated by location and purchase weight. This will be charged in addition to your purchase

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