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Please Read before booking

1.) COVID Measures. 

To ensure minimal contact and maximum protection for you, Prior to each appointment, I have taken the following measures;

- Sanitization of all surfaces with a non-toxic anti-bacterial, anti-viral cleaner will be performed prior to each appointment.

-Hand washing station in the treatment room to clean hands prior and post treatment 

-You are welcome to wait in the lobby waiting area, but an additional option available to you is that you can wait in your car and do not enter the building until I text or call you to ensure the previous patient has left and the above sanitization has taken place. I will greet you at the door and ensure you don’t have to touch anything on the way in. I will wash my hands again before treatment. *Please inform us if this is your preference

-I will continue to double mask during treatments.

2.) Cancellations

As a mother during these times I ask that we are understanding when faced with issues linked to children at school.  In order to protect you, I will take zero risks to your health. 

If my children or I are exhibiting Covid assessment symptoms.  We are required to isolate at home. I will contact you, 

promptly take a covid test, and reschedule upon a negative result. 

I will also be understanding for cancellations on your part and not charge a cancellation fee or require 24 hours notice. 

3.) H.S.T

The CRA has now mandated that osteopathic treatments charge taxes. We were exempt prior to Covid. Treatment prices will include HST from today and moving forward. 

4.) Contactless Payment has arrived!

We now accept e-transfer, credit cards, and debit card payments. 

6.) Availability

To start out my treatment availabilities will be 11am-4pm Monday to Friday. As time progresses I will be offering early morning and up to 9pm appointments.  I will announce their availabilities when they are open. 

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