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Please Read before booking

1.) Location 

The listed address is composed of 3 buildings and many doors. To find Halo Healing, you must enter the SUKHA YOGA & PILATES building. 

2.) Cancellations

Life happens. Cancellations and rescheduling are possibilities that can occur. If you are unable to make it to an appointment send me a text or cancel online. Then feel free to reschedule at your convenience. No cancellation fees. 

In the event that I would have to cancel please know I will do everything in my power to accommodate rescheduling you as soon as possible.

3.) H.S.T

The CRA has now mandated that osteopathic treatments charge taxes. We were exempt prior to Covid. Treatment prices will include HST from today and moving forward. 

4.) Contactless Payment has arrived!

We now accept e-transfer, credit cards, and debit card payments. 

5.) Availability

Our online booking system often has rescheduled appointments. If you didn't get a time and date that you like, we invite you to revisit the calendar daily to see if a more suitable day/time has become available for you. 

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